Where to sleep in Shymkent?

You want to visit Shymkent and don’t know where to sleep? We can help you? These are our recommended Hotel and Hostels in Shymkent.

Shym Hostel – Spirit of Shymkent

You are student or traveler with small budget – and you want to feel the original spirit of Shymkent? Than we can recommend you the Shym Hostel. It is the oldest Hostel in Shymkent. It is located in a nice old house with a beautiful garden in a small calm road behind the Tauke Khan Avenue. You get a small breakfast and for lunch or dinner you can use the big kitchen to prepare or cook your own meals in the Shym Hostel.

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Shym Hostel is a calm place for backpackers will a small budget to sleep in Shymkent

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City Hostel – for low budget travellers

You have a low budget, you like busy places and you want to spent the night in a room with other travellers near the city center? Than we can recommend you the new City Hostel. It is a nice accommodation with light and colorful rooms and very much modern art – already the facade and the lobby is a piece of modern art.

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Promenade Hotel – The calm place to stay

The Promenade Hotel is located in the heart of Shymkent next to the Arbat – the famous pedestrian road. The Hotel offers a beautiful garden and a in house restaurant but the hotel is small with less but huge hotel rooms. There is no breakfast buffet – instead you have to choose a breakfast menu. But this is huge and delicious. If you like to have a calm stay with less peoples around you – this is your choice.

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Shymkent Grand Hotel – International standard

The most famous and one of the oldest Hotels of Shymkent is the Shymkent Grand Hotel. It was built in the 19070ies during Soviet Union times but it is was refurbished and renovated multiple time to offer Shymkent’s guest a very good quality to enjoy their stay in Shymkent and region. The price of a standard room is great and a very big breakfast buffet is included into the price. The hotel rooms to the south-east offer a wonderful view over the city and the nearby mountains.

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Rixos Hotel – Sleep luxury

The Rixos Hotel is the most luxury hotel in Shymkent – and also the most expensive one. The statue of the Golden Man is welcome you in the beautiful lobby of this luxary Hotel. The balconies of each room offer a wide view over the city, the beds are comfortable and decorated in a luxury Victorian style. All rooms of the Rixos Hotel are grouped around a inner central court yard and it’s incredible to go silent up and down with the golden elevators and watch inside of this nice oasis. Left and right of the court yard the visitors find luxury shops. The breakfast offers western food – but if you look closely you will find some Kazakh meals as well. The only contra is the location: It is a little bit outside of the city center.

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