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Info Shymkent - Loving Couple on a painting of the Rakotz bridge

You want to know more about Info Shymkent, their founders and their goals. The page About Us gives you the correct answers.

What is Info Shymkent?

Info Shymkent is an English Online Magazine, which is telling about the city Shymkent in Kazakhstan, country Kazakhstan, People, Travel, Culture & Science.

Who are the founders?

Family Monse is a young married German-Kazakh couple who love the city Shymkent. We founded Info Shymkent in summer 2019 – in Shymkent.

What are our goals?

Our first goal is to promote the under-rated Kazakh city Shymkent with it’s beautiful sights, culture and people. So we want to create a virtual tour of the city for our readers with our articles and galleries. And we want to make interviews with the kind, professional and creative people of Shymkent. We want to put the city on the map for people around the world.

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With the same priority we want to write about young, new, unknown artists. Because it’s worth to tell about talented people to give them the chance to get their stage to become popular and inspire other skilled people to create their own masterpiece.

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Another goal is to tell about spaceflight. Shymkent is located just 500 km away from Cosmodrome Baikonur – the heart of spaceflight. Spaceflight is the best to inspire young people for Math, Physics, Chemistry, Technology and Curiosity. These five topics are important to build the good foundation for a successful technology country. We want that Kazakhstan is getting strong again. And spaceflight is important: Earth is just the cradle of mankind. And mankind have to go out into the kindergarten like Moon and Mars to expand knowledge, resources and living space. The next new frontier.

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With our travel reports of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Germany and around the World we want to inspire people to travel, too. Because travelling opens the minds and extends the horizon of everyone. It’s good for intercultural understanding.

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And we love to cook. It’s great to relax and get inspiration by cooking. We want to show delicious meals from the Kazakh, Russian and international cuisine – and tell our readers how to cook these meals.

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