Launch Schedule 2023

Info Shymkent - Launch Schedule 2023 with Rashid Rover on Moon as cover image

The Launch Schedule 2023 provide you with the next upcoming orbital rocket launches and also all past missions of spaceflight in the year 2023.

These are all rocket flights already launched or scheduled in 2023. The list also included unsuccessful flights.

The next launch will be Starlink 68 on a Falcon 9 B5 in Vandenberg Air Force Base at January 29, 03:02 pm (UTC). Godspeed!

Date (Time in UTC)SpaceportRocketMissionStatus
January 3, 02:56 pmCape Canaveral Air Force StationFalcon 9 B5 (B1060.15)Transporter-6Success
January 8, 10:00 pmWenchang Satellite Launch CenterLong March 7Shijian 23, Shiyan 22A&BSuccess
January 9, 05:04 amJiuquan Space Launch CenterCeres-1Tianmu-1 01&02, Xiamen Keji-1 and two small cubesatsSuccess
January 9, 10:54 pmMojave Air and Space PortLauncherOneAMAN, CIRCE A&B, DOVER, ForgeStar-0, STORK-6, Prometheus 2A&2B, IOD-3 AmberFailure
January 10, 04:50 amCape Canaveral Air Force StationFalcon 9 B5 (B1076.2)OneWeb Launch 16Success
January 10, 11:27 pmPacific Spaceport ComplexRS1VariSat-1A, 1Failure
January 12, 06:10 pmXichang Satellite Launch CenterLong March 2Apstar 6ESuccess
January 13, 07:00 amJiuquan Space Launch CenterLong March 2Yaogan 37 and Shiyan 22A&BSuccess
January 15, 03:20 amTaiyuan Satellite Launch CenterLong March 2Golden Bauhinia-6 and Qilu-2&3Success
January 15, 10:56 pmKennedy Space CenterFalcon HeavyUSSF-67 (CBAS-2 & LDPE-3A)Success
January 18, 12:24 pmCape Canaveral Air Force StationFalcon 9 B5 (B1077.2) GPS III-06 (Amelia Earhart)Success
January 19, 03:43 pmVandenberg Air Force BaseFalcon 9 B5 (B1075.1)Starlink 67Success
January 24, 11:00 pmWallops Flight FacilityElectronHawk 6A&B&C (Virginia is for Launch Lovers)Success
January 26, 01:49 amTanegashima Space CenterH-IIAIGS-Radar 7Success
January 29, 03:02 pmVandenberg Air Force BaseFalcon 9 B5 (B1071.7)Starlink 68In Progress
January 31, 08:27 amKennedy Space CenterFalcon 9 B5 (B1069.5)Starlink 69In Progress
February 5, 09:12 amBaikonur CosmodromeProton-MElektro-L No. 4In Progress
February 9, 06:51 amBaikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1aProgress MS-22 In Progress
February 19Kennedy Space CenterFalcon 9 B5SpaceX Crew-6In Progress
March 16, 01:00 pmBaikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1aSoyuz MS-23In Progress
June 5Kennedy Space CenterFalcon 9 B5SpaceX CRS-28In Progress
July (TBD)Vostochny CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1bLuna 25In Progress
August 23, 08:00 amBaikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1aProgress MS-23In Progress
September 15, 01:00 pmBaikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1aSoyuz MS-24In Progress
October 10Kennedy Space CenterFalcon HeavyPsycheIn Progress
October 20Kennedy Space CenterFalcon 9 B5SpaceX CRS-29In Progress
December 1, 08:00 amBaikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1aProgress MS-24In Progress