Launch Schedule 2021

Info Shymkent - Crew Dragon is ready for its 1st crewed flight (Image: SpaceX)

The Launch Schedule 2021 provide you with the next upcoming orbital rocket launches and also all past missions of spaceflight in the year 2021.

These are all rocket flights already launched or scheduled in 2021. The list also included unsuccessful flights.

The next launch will be Falcon Eye 2 (UAE Military Satellite) on a Soyuz ST-A in Guiana Space Centre at November 29, 01:33 am (UTC). Godspeed!

Date (Time in UTC)SpaceportRocketMissionStatus
January 4Cape Canaveral Air Force StationAtlas V N22Starliner Boe-OFT 2In Progress
February 5Baikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1aProgress MS-16In Progress
February 28Baikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1bArktika-M 1In Progress