Launch Schedule 2021

Info Shymkent - Crew Dragon is ready for its 1st crewed flight (Image: SpaceX)

The Launch Schedule 2021 provide you with the next upcoming orbital rocket launches and also all past missions of spaceflight in the year 2021.

These are all rocket flights already launched or scheduled in 2021. The list also included unsuccessful flights.

The next launch will be Starlink Launch 17 on a Falcon 9 B5 Reused in Kennedy Space Center at January 29, 01:00 pm (UTC). Godspeed!

Date (Time in UTC)SpaceportRocketMissionStatus
January 8, 01:23 amCape Canaveral Air Force StationFalcon 9 B5 Reused (B1060.4)Türksat 5ASuccess
January 17, 07:39 pmMojave Air and Space PortLauncherOneNASAs ELaNa 20Success
January 19, 04:26 pmXichang Satellite Launch CenterLong March 3Tiantong-1 03Success
January 20, 07:27 amMahia Launch ComplexElectronOHB SE (Another One Leaves The Crust)Success
January 20, 01:02 pmCape Canaveral Air Force StationFalcon 9 B5 Reused (B1051.8)Starlink Launch 16Success
January 24, 03:00 pmCape Canaveral Air Force StationFalcon 9 B5 (B1058.5)Transporter-1Success
January 29, 01:00 pmKennedy Space CenterFalcon 9 B5 ReusedStarlink Launch 17In Progress
January 31Jiuquan Space Launch CenterHyperbola-1Fangzhou-2In Progress
February 5Xichang Satellite Launch CenterLong March 3Tianhui 3In Progress
February 15, 04:45 amBaikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1aProgress MS-16In Progress
February 20, 05:36 pmWallops Flight FacilityAntares 230+Cygnus NG-15In Progress
February 22Baikonur CosmodromePSLVAmazônia-1In Progress
February 25Vostochny CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1bOneWeb Launch 5In Progress
February 26Cape Canaveral Air Force StationAtlas V 551STP-3In Progress
February 28Baikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1bArktika-M 1In Progress
March 4Guiana Space CentreAriane 5Eutelsat Quantum & Star One D2In Progress
March 20Baikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1a25 SmallsatsIn Progress
March 29Cape Canaveral Air Force StationAtlas V N22Starliner Boe-OFT 2In Progress
March 30Kennedy Space CenterFalcon 9 B5 Reused (B1061.2)SpaceX Crew-2In Progress
April 1, 03:57 amSatish Dhawan Space CentrePSLVEMISATIn Progress
April 9Baikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1aSoyuz MS-18In Progress
May 12Kennedy Space CenterFalcon 9 B5 ReusedSpaceX CRS-22 & ELaNa 36In Progress
June 30Baikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1aProgress MS-17In Progress
July 15Baikonur CosmodromeProton-MISS module NaukaIn Progress
July 22Vandenberg Air Force BaseFalcon 9 B5DART (Hitting a Asteroid mission)In Progress
September (TBD)Kennedy Space CenterFalcon 9 B5 ReusedSpaceX CRS-23In Progress
October (TBD)Baikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1bLuna 25 (Luna-Glob lander)In Progress
October 5Baikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1aSoyuz MS-19In Progress
October 11Cape Canaveral Air Force StationFalcon 9 B5IM-1 (First NOVA-C moon mission)In Progress
October 16Cape Canaveral Air Force StationAtlas V 411Lucy (Asteroid to 1 Main Belt and 6 Jupiter trojan asteroids)In Progress
October 28Baikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1aProgress MS-18In Progress
October 31Guiana Space CentreAriane 5 James Webb Space TelescopeIn Progress
November 15Kennedy Space CenterFalcon 9 B5 ReusedSpaceX CRS-24In Progress
November 17Baikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1aProgress MS-19In Progress
November 24Baikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1bISS module PrichalIn Progress
December 7Cape Canaveral Air Force StationAtlas V 541GOES-TIn Progress
December 8Baikonur CosmodromeSoyuz-2.1aSoyuz MS-20 (12 days Tourist Mission)In Progress