Chinese Spaceflight

Info Shymkent - China's Mars rover on Tianwe-1

Shenzhou, Chang’e, Tianwen & Co.: Info Shymkent is presenting detailed information of the big flagship mission of Chinese Spaceflight in the last 20 years.

Chang’e- Chinese Moon missions

The Chinese missions to the moon are called Chang’e. They are named after the Chinese Goddess of the Moon. The Chinese moon program was started in 2003. The huge goal in Chinese Spaceflight to establish a manned moon base on the moon surface. China accomplished all six robotic missions to our cosmic neighbor successful.

Info Shymkent - The Chang'e-5 mission was a import step to the moon for Chinese Spaceflight
The Chang’e-5 mission was the most current moon mission in Chinese Spaceflight.
  • 2007: Chang’e-1 (Moon orbiter)
  • 2010: Chang’e-2 (Moon orbiter and later deep space mission)
  • 2013: Chang’e-3 (with Rover Yutu on the moon)
  • 2019: Chang’e-4 (with Rover Yutu-2 at the far side of moon)
  • 2020: Chang’e-5 (Moon sample return mission)
  • 2022: Chang’e-6 (Moon sample return mission at a icy moon pole)

Tianwen – Chinese planetary missions

Info Shymkent - China's Mars rover on Tianwe-1 is a flagship mission in Chinese Spaceflight
Mockup of the Mars rover of China’s Mars mission Tianwen-1 at ILA 2018 in Germany.

Shenzhou – Chinese manned spaceflight

Info Shymkent - Tianhe is the Core Module of Chinese Space Station and is expected to launch in March 2021
TianHe is the Core Module of China’s Space Station and is expected to launch in March 2021.
  • since 1999: Shenzhou flights (manned spacecraft)
  • 2011: Tiangong-1 (1st space laboratory)
  • 2016: Tiangong-2 (2n space laboratory)
  • since 2017: Tianzhou (Cargo spacecraft)
  • 2021: Tianhe (Core module of Chinese Space Station – CSS)