Tianzhou – China’s cargo spacecraft

Info Shymkent - China's Cargo Spacecraft Tianzhou

China’s Tianzhou cargo spacecraft is a derived version of the Tiangong space laboratory and delivers goods & fuel to China’s space outposts.


  • Name: TianZhou (天舟) is Chinese for Heavenly Ship
  • Length: 10.6 m
  • Diameter: 3.35 m (living & goods compartment)
  • Weight: 6.41 t (empty) / 12.91 t (with goods & equipment)
  • Docking port: One
  • Energy supply: Two 3-segment solar arrays
  • Expected life time: around 6 months
  • Launch vehicle: Long March 7
  • Flight profile: Inclination 41° / 350 km circular orbit

Mission overview

Mission nameLaunch date (UTC)ReentryMission description
Tianzhou 120th April 201722nd September 2017Tianzhou 1 was the first flight of a Tianzhou spacecraft and it performed multiple autonomous docking maneuver with the Tiangong-2 space laboratory.
Tianzhou 229th May 2021unknownThis was the first service mission to China’s Space Station. It docked with the core module Tianhe on the aft side. On 18th September the spacecraft moved to the front docking port of Tianhe.
Tianzhou 320th September 2021unknownThis is the second supply mission to China’s Space Station. It will try to make a fast rendezvous with the space station in just under 8 hours. Docking will occur at the aft port of the Tianhe module.