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New Space is the next step to make space accessible for everyone through private companies with fresh ideas and faster development cycles. Info Shymkent has a look on these New Space companies and their progress.

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  • List of full-private New Space Companies who working on an orbital rocket.
Company nameCountryFounded / Development startedName of 1st orbital rocketRocket specifications1st engine tests1st orbital launch (planned)1st successful orbital launch
ABL Space SystemsUSA2017 RS-1Height: 27m, Diameter: 1.83m,
LEO: 1.35t,
1st stage: 9×53.83kN (E2),
2nd stage: 1×57.83kN (E2 vac)
(October 2022)
AstraUSAOctober 2016Rocket 3Height: 11.6m, Diameter: 1.8m,
SSO: 0.15t,
1st stage: 5×28.91kN (Dolphin),
2nd stage: 1×3.29kN (Aether)
12th September 202020 November 2021 (6th attempt)
FireFly AerospaceUSAJanuary 2014Firefly AlphaHeight: 29m, Diameter: 1.82m,
LEO: 1t,
SSO: 0.63t,
1st stage: 4×184,02kN
(Reaver 1),
2nd stage: 1×70.1kN
(Lightning 1)
March 20183rd September 20211st October 2022 (2nd attempt)
Launcher SpaceUSAMarch 2017Launcher LightHeight: 15.2m,
Diameter: 1.1m,
LEO: 0.15t,
SSO: 0.105t,
1st stage: 1×97.9kN (Engine-2)
2nd stage: 1×0.02kN (Engine-2)
Phantom SpaceUSA2019DaytonaHeight: 18.7m, Diameter: 1.25m,
LEO: 0.45t,
1st stage: 7×22.2kN (Hadley),
2nd stage: 1x 26.7kN (Hadley)
(Q1 2023)
Relativity SpaceUSA2015Terran 1Height: 24.3m, Diameter: 2.3m,
LEO: 1.25t,
SSO: 0,9t
1st stage: 9×102.2kN (Aeon),
2nd stage: 1x126kN (AeonVac)
(Q4 2022)
Virgin OrbitUSA 2nd March 2017 / 2007LauncherOneHeight: 21.3m, Diameter: 1.8m,
LEO: 0.5t,
1st stage: 1×326.8kN (NewtonThree),
2nd stage: 1×22.2kN (NewtonFour)
March 201525th May 202017th January 2021 (2nd attempt)
HyImpulseGermany2018SL1Height: 27m,
Diameter: 2.2m
LEO: 0.5t,
1st stage: 8x75kN (HyPLOX75),
2nd stage: 4x100kN (HyPLOX75)
3rd stage: 4x25kN (HyPLOX10)
(Q4 2022)
Isar AerospaceGermanyMarch 2018SpectrumHeight: 27m, Diameter: 2m,
LEO: 1t,
1st stage: 9×75 kN, 2nd stage: 1×94 kN
Orbex United Kingdom2015PrimeHeight: 19m, Diameter: 1.3m,
1st stage: 6x,
2nd stage: 1x
Pangea AerospaceSpain2018MesoLEO: 0.15t,
1st stage: 1x Aerospike,
2nd stage: 1x
PLD SpaceSpain2011Miura 5Height: 25m, Diameter: 1.8m,
SSO: 0.4t,
1st stage: 5×81.6kN (TEPREL-C),
2nd stage: 1x65kN (TEPREL-C)
Rocket Factory AugsburgGermany2018RFA OneHeight: 30m, Diameter: 2m,
LEO: 1.6t,
1st stage: 9×100 kN,
2nd stage: 1×100 kN
(Q4 2022)
SkyroraUnited Kingdom21st June 2017Skyrora XLHeight: 22.7m, Diameter: 2.2m,
SSO: 0.4t,
1st stage: 9x70kN (Skyforce),
2nd stage: 1x85kN (Skyforce),
3rd stage: 1×3.5kN (LEO engine)
Venture Orbital SystemsFranceJuly 2019 ZephyrHeight: 15m, Diameter: 1.2m,
LEO: 0.08t,
SSO: 0.07t,
1st stage: 6x?kN(Navier),
2nd stage: 1x?kN (Navier)
Deep Blue AerospaceChina28th November 2016Nebula-1Height: ?m,
Diameter: 2.25m,
LEO: 4.5t,
SSO: 0.5t,
1st stage: 9x?kN (Leiting)
2nd stage: 1x?kN (Leiting)
20th April 2019(Q4 2022)
Galactic EnergyChina06th February 2018Ceres-1Height: 19m, Diameter: 1.4m,
LEO: 0.35t,
1st stage: 588.39kN,
2nd stage: 274,59kN
3rd stage: 147.1kN
November 20187th November 20207th November 2020 (1st attempt)
i-spaceChina11th October 2016Hyperbola-1 (Shuang Quxian-1)Height: 20.8m, Diameter: 1.4m,
LEO: 0.3t,
Thrust: 770kN
25th July 201925th July 2019 (1st attempt)
LandspaceChina1st June 2016Zhuque-1Height: 19m, Diameter: 1.35m,
LEO: 0.3t,
Thrust: 400.34kN
27th October 2018
LinkspaceChina2nd January 2014New Line 1 (Xin Gan Xian 1)Height: 20.1m, Diameter: 1.8m,
SSO: 0.2t,
1st stage: 4x100kN,
2nd stage: 1x
OneSpaceChina17th August 2015OS-MHeight: 19m, Diameter: 1.2m,
SSO: 0.112t
4th July 201827th March 2019
Skyroot AerospaceIndiaJuly 2018Vikram IHeight: ??m
Diameter: ??m
SSO: 0.225t
LEO: 0.315t
1st stage: 5.3kN (Kalam-5)
2nd stage: 5.3kN (Kalam-5)
3rd stage: 5.3kN (Kalam-5)
4th stage: ?kN (Raman-1)
12th August 2020(Q4 2022)
TiSPACETaiwan16th May 2016Hapith VHeight: 20m,
Diameter: 2.2m,
SSO: 0.35t
LEO: 0.39t
1st stage: 5x130kN (LELIEN 1C)
2nd stage: 4x20kN (LELIEN 1B)
3rd stage: 1x10kN (LELIEN 1A)