About Shymkent

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Shymkent is the 3rd largest city in Kazakhstan and the capital of the Golden Steppe. The one million people metropolis is an important transportation hub of the famous old and new Silk Road and connects Asia with Europe.

The long history of the city brought forth remarkable historical places and landmarks and the beautiful wild landscape of steppe and Western Tien-Shan Mountains offers untouched places to discover. Shymkent is a jewel of south Kazakhstan and a beautiful place to visit in Central Asia.

Key Facts

  • Founded: 999 BC (included suburb Sayram)
  • Population in 2020: 1,042,218 People
  • Ethnic Groups in 2012: Kazakh, Russians, Uzbek, Tatars
  • Average high in Summer: +32.7°C
  • Average low in Winter: -4.8°C
  • Annually Rain falls:  600 mm


Shymkent and its fortress was an important city to protect traders on their way on the famous old Silkway. The suburb Sayram is even over 3000 years old and has an exciting history.

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Sightseeing in Shymkent

The metropolis doesn’t have to be stand behind of Astana and Almaty. The million people city has its own landmarks which tourist’s can visit. And even around the city – many amazing places to explore.

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Sightseeing around Shymkent

You have more time to discover Shymkent and Turkistan region? There are many beautiful historical sites and amazing National Parks close to the city.

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Get an overview about Shymkent

That you get a good overview of Shymkent and the nature around the city we invite you to watch the drone flight over the best places of Shymkent:

Flying over Shymkent, Kazakhstan in 4K