45 years ago: 1st international handshake in space during Apollo-Soyuz

The handshake of Soviet cosmonaut Leonov with US astronaut Stafford during Apollo-Soyuz flight was the foundation of the international cooperation in Space. Why? We had a look.

Info Shymkent - Comet Neowise in Central Asia

Comet Neowise over Kazakhstan

A beautiful comet – called Neowise – is dancing at the night sky over Kazakhstan. Info Shymkent is telling you how to find the giant cosmic snowball.

Info Shymkent - China's Mars rover on Tianwe-1

The international space race to Mars

Tianwen-1, Perseverance & Hope Mars: Three nations will launch their spacecrafts to Mars. Info Shymkent has a look on these missions and their goals.

Info Shymkent - Astronauts for 1st Crew Dragon flight: Behnken and Hurley (Image: NASA)

Crew Dragon Demo-2: 1st crewed SpaceX flight is ready

SpaceX is ready to fly with Crew Dragon Demo-2 flight the first private orbital flight into space to the International Space Station.