Info Shymkent - Soviet Space Shuttle Buran at the launch pad in Cosmodrome Baikonur

35th anniversary of Buran flight: Time to find a home in a museum

We are calling to preserve the last two remaining flight models of Buran in a museum in Shymkent to protect them and make them more accessible.

Info Shymkent - Hakuto-R moon lander concept in 2019 at the IAC in Bremen

Hakuto-R and Rashid rover – from GLXP to Moon

Hakuto-R lander will attempt today the 2nd attempt of a private company to land on the moon. Onboard is also UAE’s Rashid rover.

Info Shymkent-Cosmonautics Day - We introduce Kazakhstans Cosmonauts

Cosmonautics Day: Kazakhstan’s cosmonauts

Kazakhstan is not only home of Baikonur, but also the birthplace of many cosmonauts. We will introduce them on today’s Cosmonautics Day.

Info Shymkent - Tianhe is the Core Module of Chinese Space Station and is expected to launch in March 2021

Tianhe – Successful launch of 1st module of China’s space station

The first module “Tianhe” of China’s space station was launched successfully on a Long March 5B rocket into orbit. Learn more about it.