Info Shymkent - Mission updates for China's Chang'e 5 lunar sample return mission

Rocks from moon – Chinese Chang’e 5 is on its way

44 years after Luna 24 another space mission tries to bring moon samples from our cosmic neighbor back to Earth. Read about China’s Chang’e 5.

InfoShymkent - French photographer Jonk visited the two Buran in Baikonur Cosmodrome

Forgotten Burans: The most epic adventure of Jonk

French adventurer and photographer Jonk visited the deep sleeping remains of the last Soviet Union space program in 2018. We talked with him about his amazing trip.

Info Shymkent - Ready for liftoff in "We Can’t Live Without Cosmos" by Konstantin Bronzit

Animator Konstantin Bronzit: The stories choose me!

Two times Oscar nominated Russian animator Konstantin Bronzit talked with us about the “birth” of his funny and pensive short films.

Info Shymkent - 20 years humans in space (Image: NASA)

ISS: 20 years human presence in space

Since 2000 people living permanent at International Space Station. It’s time to look back on 20 incredible years of human presence in space.