Info Shymkent - Hakuto-R moon lander concept in 2019 at the IAC in Bremen

Hakuto-R and Rashid rover – from GLXP to Moon

Hakuto-R lander will attempt today the 2nd attempt of a private company to land on the moon. Onboard is also UAE’s Rashid rover.

Info Shymkent-Cosmonautics Day - We introduce Kazakhstans Cosmonauts

Cosmonautics Day: Kazakhstan’s cosmonauts

Kazakhstan is not only home of Baikonur, but also the birthplace of many cosmonauts. We will introduce them on today’s Cosmonautics Day.

Info Shymkent - Tianhe is the Core Module of Chinese Space Station and is expected to launch in March 2021

Tianhe – Successful launch of 1st module of China’s space station

The first module “Tianhe” of China’s space station was launched successfully on a Long March 5B rocket into orbit. Learn more about it.

Info Shymkent - Tianwen-1 and Al-Amal at Mars

1st spacecrafts from Arabia and China arrive at Red Planet

Spacecrafts from three nations will arrive at Planet Mars shortly. Two of them are for the first time at the Red Planet. Info Shymkent will have a look on them.