Info Shymkent - Shymkent from Above - World War II Memorial plane

Above Shymkent – A beautiful photo story

Info Shymkent was on tour to capture by drone places and nature of Shymkent from Above. Can you guess which places we photographed?

Info Shymkent - World War II memorial - Eternal Flame
Eternal Flame in the World War II Memorial

The article picture and the picture above showing the World War II memorial in Abay Park from Shymkent. The huge memorial built with red materials is a famous tourist attraction of Shymkent. The memorial consists of a eternal flame, a Stele, a long alley with the names of the citizen of Shymkent who fought in World War II and a fighter plane.

Info Shymkent - Shymkent from Above - Wedding Palace
Wedding Palace of Shymkent

It looks like a giant Lemon squeezer but it is the Wedding Palace in Shymkent. The city Shymkent is famous for its high numbers of weddings. You can see very often wedding couples, wedding palaces and long stretch limousines to transport the wedding guests from one photo stop to another. So it’s clear that this city needs also a huge Wedding Palace where the Lovers can register for their wedding day.

Info Shymkent - Sayram Airport from Above - Antonov-2 planes
Sayram Airport

The next photo is at the outskirts of Shymkent. The small Sayram Airport is home of some old Antonov-2 planes. These planes where produced for over 70 years and very much of them are still in service. Antonov-2 planes are used for agriculture and passenger services. This two planes give a nice contrast with their gray-blue wings to the yellow grass of the Kazakh steppe.

Info Shymkent - Shymkent from Above - Singing Fountain
Singing Fountain of the New Akimat Park

This is not a Kazakh seal ring! This is above the park near Shymkent’s new Akimat. The round Kazakh ornament is the Singing fountain. It plays Kazakh Folk music in the evening hours and the fountain water is moving to the music. The colorful roses and young trees around the Singing fountain giving this place a wonderful aura.

Info Shymkent - Pedestrian street Arbat at Night
Pedestrian street Arbat at night

This drone photo is a view down to the main pedestrian street of Shymkent – the Arbat. We can recommend you to visit this place at the evening. Many young musicians try their best to entertain the pedestrians. And the sky over the street is getting colorful created by thousands of small colorful lamps. Some looking like angels others like umbrellas. If you are hungry at the evening you can find small Cafés and Restaurants to the left and right. A magical place!

Info Shymkent - Shymkent from Above - Monument of Baidibek Bi
Baidibek Bi monument

Who is open his arms here? This is not Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It is Baidibek Karashauly – well know as Baidibek Bi in the Kazakh history. The statue of him is sitting on top of a hill in the northern outskirts of Shymkent. It is the tallest statue in Kazakhstan and became a popular tourist attraction for tourists. From the basement of the Baidibek Monument you have a wonderful view over the Zoo, the Dendropark and the new city of Shymkent.

Info Shymkent - Shymkent from Above - Cyan blue river in Aksu Canyon near Shymkent
Aksu Canyon with a old wooden bridge over the cyan blue Aksu river

This cyan blue big line through this photo is the Aksu river. This powerful mountain river has formed one of the largest and deepest canyons of Kazakhstan – and even Central Asia. The 500 meter deep Aksu Canyon is just an hour away from the city center of Shymkent and a hiking and relaxing destination for residents and tourists of Shymkent. It is incredible experience to drive through the tree-less steppe and then you see the opening of this deep and bizarre canyon in front of you. On a clear day you have also a good view to the nearby Tian Shan Mountains of the Aksu-Zhabagaly National Reserve.

Info Shymkent - Shymkent from Above - Ordabassy Square
Ordabassy Square with the Mother Earth monument

A huge sundial in Shymkent? No it is the 34 meters high Mother Earth (Kazakh: Zher Ana) monument of the Ordabassy Square in Shymkent! This three-edge monument with a woman statue on top is the centerpiece of the square connected by three main streets: Tole Bi, Ayteke Bi and Kazybek Bi street. The streets are named after the three wise Kazakh men who united the Kazakh Tribes near Ordabassy – a village just some kilometers away from Shymkent.

Info Shymkent - Shymkent from Above - Fontan Aquapark
Fountain Aqua Park in Shymkent

The summer in Shymkent is very hot with temperatures above 40°C during day. So the Fountain Aqua Park next to Shymkent Grand Hotel is a blue oasis in the city center. The slides looks like long and big snakes from above. But the huge swimming pool, these multiple colorful water slides, a wave pool, sun beds, umbrellas and a bar makes not only the children happy during the hot summer time.

Info Shymkent - Shymkent from Above - Monument 550th Anniversary Kazakh Khanate
Memorial of the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate

A piece of modern brutal architecture of Kazakhstan is this monument. It was erected during the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate and inaugurated by Nursultan Nazarbayev – the 1st president of Kazakhstan. The monument is located near the Baidibek statue in the northern part of Shymkent. The two arcs and the ring on top represent a Kazakh Yurt. The pyramid under it should be a symbol for the strength of the Kazakh nation during the 550 years of history.

Info Shymkent - Shymkent from Above - Bayterek in Fantasy World
Bayterek tower in Techno Park attraction park

The yellow star between the huge green trees in the heart of Shymkent is the Bayterek tower. It is not a observation tower like its big brother in Kazakhstan’s capital Nur-Sultan. This tower is the tallest attraction of the Technopark – also known as Fantasy World in the center of Shymkent and next to the already mentioned Arbat. During a ride on the Bayterek Tower people get a wonderful view over Shymkent and flying around the tower like a Berkut – the Kazakh eagle.

Info Shymkent - Shymkent from Above - New Akimat Fountain
New Akimat square in the light of the sunset

Our last picture from above is a sunset picture of the huge square in front of the new Akimat of Shymkent. The columns around the fountain and the trees framing the square already painting long shadows on the floor. Do you guessed well which place Info Shymkent photographed? Do you went already to every place on these pictures? If not – have a look again on the photos and take your backpack and have a look for this places by yourself!

We hope you enjoyed our photo tour! – Have a good day!

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