Shenzhou – China’s manned spacecraft

Info Shymkent - Chinas crewed Shenzhou spacecraft


  • Name: ShenZhou (神舟) is Chinese for Divine Ship
  • Length: 9.25 m
  • Diameter: max. 2.8 m (living compartment)
  • Weight: 7.84 t (empty)
  • Docking port: One
  • Energy supply: Two 4-segment solar arrays (with a span of 17m)
  • Expected life time: around one month (since Shenzhou 11)
  • Launch vehicle: Long March 2F
  • Max. Persons: 3
  • Volume: 14.00 m3

Mission overview

Mission nameLaunchLandingDurationCrewMission description
Shenzhou 119th November 199920th November 199921 hours 11 minutesNo crew on boardThe Shenzhou 1 was the first test flight of a Shenzhou spacecraft.
Shenzhou 29th January 200116th
January 2001
7 days 10 hours 22 minutesNo crew on boardShenzhou 2 carried multiple scientific payloads including monkey, dog, rabbit and other animals to space and save back to earth.
Shenzhou 325th March 20021st
April 2002
6 days 18 hours 51 minutesNo crew on boardOnboard Shenzhou 3 a human-sized test dummy went to space and back to earth.
Shenzhou 429th December 20025th
January 2003
6 days 18 hours 36 minutesNo crew on boardThe last test flight before a manned spaceflight carried a test dummy and multiple science experiments.
Shenzhou 515th October 200315th October 200321 hours 23 minutes– Yang LiweiThis was China’s first manned spaceflight and China became the third country that send a human into space by their own spacecraft and rocket.
Shenzhou 612th October 200516th October 20054 days 19 hours 33 minutes– Fei Junlong
– Nie Haisheng
Shenzhou 6 was China’s first two-person spaceflight and they stayed multiple days in space.
Shenzhou 725th September 200828th September 20082 days 20 hours 27 minutes– Zhai Zhigang
– Liu Boming
– Jing Haipeng
On Shenzhou 7 China performed for the first time a three-person spaceflight and undertook the first spacewalk.
Shenzhou 831st October 201117th November 201116 days 13 hours 34 minutesNo crew on boardDuring Shenzhou 8 mission occurred the first autonomous docking of a Shenzhou spacecraft with Tiangong-1 space laboratory.
Shenzhou 916th June 201229th June 201212 days 15 hours 24 minutes– Jing Haipeng
– Liu Wang
– Liu Yang
This Shenzhou mission performed the first manned visit of Tiangong-1 space laboratory and a first spaceflight of a Chinese woman.
Shenzhou 1011th June 201326th June 201314 days 14 hours 29 minutes– Nie Haisheng
– Zhang Xiaoguang
– Wang Yaping
The Shenzhou 10 flight was the second manned visit of Tiangong-1 space laboratory and the first Chinese two-week-stay in space.
Shenzhou 1117th October 201618th November 201632 days 06 hours 29 minutes– Jing Haipeng
– Chen Dong
Shenzhou 11 marked China’s first long duration flight and only flight to Tiangong-2 space laboratory.
Shenzhou 1217th June 202117th September 202192 days 04 hours 11 minutes– Nie Haisheng
– Liu Boming
– Yang Hongbo
The Shenzhou 12 was the first manned flight to visit the core module TianHe of China’s space station.
Shenzhou 1315th October 2021January 20223 months
– Zhai Zhigang
– Wang Yaping
– Ye Guangfu
The Shenzhou 13 will be the second flight to the Chinese Space Station.