Mojave Air and Space Port

The spaceport Mojave Air and Space Port in state California of USA was opened in 2004. There are 2 launches of the rocket type LauncherOne planned or launched in the year 2021.

The next launch will be STP-27VPA, BRIK-II, Stork-4+5 (Tubular Bells, Part One) on a LauncherOne in Mojave Air and Space Port at June 23, 05:30 pm (UTC). Godspeed!

Date (Time in UTC)RocketMissionStatus
January 17, 07:39 pmLauncherOneNASAs ELaNa 20Success
June 23, 05:30 pmLauncherOneSTP-27VPA, BRIK-II, Stork-4+5 (Tubular Bells, Part One)In Progress