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Shymkent Food Gallery

Shymkent Info had look on Shymkent Food & drinks and their prices. Let’s enjoy the diversity of Shymkent´s meals.

Shymkent is the third city in Kazakhstan, but as “Food City” it’s on the first place! As We can show you thousand of pictures to prove the evidence. This colourful cookies cost just 900 KZT for example. It’s just around 2 Euro!
When you’re walking through the city, you can see thousands of cafes. And the price is very good! For Example, for these meals were paid 3500 KZT. That’s around 8 Euro.
In the morning at 10:00 Cafes will start working day. But when you’re in a Hotel, you don’t have to be afraid! This nice breakfast is just 1500 KZT, coffee is 500 KZT. So it’s around 3,50 € respectivly 1,20 Euro to enjoy a wonderful breakfast.
Shymkent is THE “Icecream Land” in Kazakhstan. Icecreams prices starting from 60 KZT to infinity. And don’t be afraid – food restaurants and shops work till midnight in Shymkent. This nice icecreams on the photos were 700 KZT. Thats around 1,70 Euro.
Every day we trying different kind of meal and making photos of it. This meal is called Manti and in the back you see Thai salad and Restaurant’s special salad. The price was 3900 KZT. Thats around 9,20 Euro.
All restaurants in Shymkent work till 00.00-01.00, so in the evening you can find a restaurant. Here is Samarkand Pide, Dolma, Kespe, Olivie salad, Tashkent tea. It was 10000 KZT. In Euro it’s around 23,50.
Here is other kind of Manti, fresh salad and Tashkent tea. And very special trink of Kazakhstan is Kvas! The price was 2600 KZT. It’s around 6,11 Euro.
Shymkent is also “Cocktail Land” and “Milkshake Land” of course. Interesting fact is, Shymkent people calling the Milkshake Cocktail. So for them a Milkshake is a Cocktail. These Milkshake prices were 3180 KZT – 1590 KZT per glass. It’s around 7,50 Euro.
These strawberry milkshake price 990KZT=1980KZT. It,s 2,32€=4,65€
Here we tried unusual meal. Potato Frice with meat and vegetables. This food is 1500 KZT. It’s around 3,50 Euro.
This is classical potato frice. It’s 490 KZT. It’s around one Euro.
This is nice and delicious chicken soup with handmade noudles. This is 990 KZT. It’s 2,30€.
Oh, this nice meal chicken with mushrooms and vegetables and also with rice. It was 1200 KZT. It’s 2,80€.
This is nice Horetika salad. This salad price was 1000KZT. It’s 2,30€
Shashlik! You can find shashliks everywhere in Shymkent. Our ” food Gallery” without shashlik, it’s impossible. When you go to the market, there are thousands of shashlik waiting for you! The price of shashliks were 1200KZT. One piece of Shashlik is 300KZT. It’s 0,70€=2,82€
The important food in Kazakhstan is Bread! This is respected food. In Shymkent there is thousands of bread! Breads price starting with 60KZT till- I don’t know. This bread is 200KZT. It’s 0,47€

Our “Food Gallery” with this wasn’t finished. In Shymkent not only food is cheap, also clothes and other things too. What about prices,we don’t know now is this price which showed under the picture is correct. When we have been in Kazakhstan, prices were like this. In Shymkent you can find interesting places, restaurants and etc. And of course, you will have nice memories!