Info Shymkent - Monkeys in Zoo Leipzig

Monkey Gallery

Info Shymkent nice pictures of primats. And tried to show you the best moments of them. Have a look our “Monkey Gallery”!

Info Shymkent made "Monkey Gallery"
Sitting on the tree and watching what’s happening!

Info Shymkent went to one of the Zoo Parks of Germany: Leipzig Zoo. This Zoo is very popular because of it’s huge primat compounds – called “Pongoland”.

We spend very much time there with our photo camera to catch the best moments for you.

Info Shymkent made picture of primat what is sitting on the tree.
Monkey’s lunch time!

It was very interesting and also funny to watch primat’s daily life.

Info Shymkent made Monkey picture.
Monkey family or Gorilla family! Enjoying the free time and playing!

And catched by photography very much funny moments of primats.

Info Shymkent made gorilla family picture.
It’s very interesting to watch Monkey’s or Primat’s daily life!

Info Shymkent decided to show in “Monkey Gallery” the best shots.

Info Shymknet made a photo of sitting primat.
Monkey lunch time again!

Info Shymkent have instagram account! @infoshymkentonline

Info Shymkent catched the moment.
Catching the moment!

We hope that you liked our “Monkey Gallery”!