Abai Museum in Shymkent

Inside of Khakim Abay Museum

Unreasonable from people unrecognized is the Khakim Abay Museum. It’s Time to have a look inside.

Close to the South Entrance of Shyment’s Abay Park is the Khakim Abay Museum. Let’s have a view inside the Museum of Kazakhstan’s most famous poet.

Outside view of Khakim Abay Museum in Shymkent
Outside view of the Museum in Shymkent. Info Shymkent had a view inside to learn more about Kazakhstan’s most famous poet.
Replica of the Inside of Abay's Yurt
A replica of the Inside of Abay’s Yurt. On the table the visitor can have a look into Abay’s Quran.
Abay Qunanbaiuly working room in Khakim Abay Museum in Shymkent.
Another room shows Abay Qunanbaiuly’s working place in Semey. This is real Abay Qunanbaiuly’s used things. This inventory have taken from East Kazakhstan (Semey/Zhidebay) to Shymkent.
Glass cabinet in Khakim Abay Museum in Shymkent
Abay’s poets and life get popular over the time in Kazakhstan and the rest of the world.
Many poems of him are translated in other languages and also influenced art of Kazakhstan.

Thanks very much to Aigul, that told us very much information about Abay Qunanbaiuly and about his sons and friends life story. It was very interesting and we are recommending to everyone to visit this Museum.

Adress: Abay Park, Shymkent

More Informations about Abay: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abai_Qunanbaiuly