Info Shymkent - Huge spider on the wall of Naturkundemuseum Leipzig

Naturkundemuseum Leipzig – a review

We have visited Naturkundemuseum in Leipzig and has seen very interesting exhibits. Let’s have a look!

The Naturkundemuseum is a natural history museum in Leipzig, Germany. It’s a huge collection of geological, mammal, plants objects to show the public in particular young people the diversity of local and word-wide nature.

Info Shymkent - Naturkundemuseum has very much taxidermy animals.
In Naturkundemuseum mostly you can see taxidermy animals.
Info Shymkent - Different taxifdermy animals.
Naturkundemuseum shows to the people that how many different animals we have in this world.
Info Shymkent - Looking into the eyes of a Tiger.
By this way, we can see very much animals closer and of course we will get more information about this animal.
Info Shymkent - Taxidermy Leopard.
And Naturkundemuseum has very much artifact of antiquity, but this time we focused to show taxidermy animals.
Info Shymkent - In 1912 was opened Naturkundemuseum.
Naturkundemuseum was opened in 1912.
Info Shymkent - Lion in Naturkundemuseum.
The Natural History Museum is located in Leipzig, Germany.
Info Shymkent - Cute pinnipid.
Oh, have a look what a cute pinnipid!
Info Shymkent - Polar bear in Naturkundemuseum.
Here it’s possible to see closer a Polar bear.
Info Shymkent - Giant bee house in Naturkundemuseum.
What giant house of bees!
Info Shymkent - Taxidermy birds.
Natural History Museum tried to show daily life of animals. And they made well!
Info Shymkent - Daily life of animals.
Camouflage – Do you see another rabbit?
Info Shymkent - Animal's life.
Before I thought that hedgehogs is a vegetarian, but now I see hedgehogs eats also animals.
Info Shymkent - Naturkundemuseum's taxidermy animals.
A Stoat – one interesting and funny fact is this animal bits motor engine cables of cars.
Info Shymkent visited Naturkundemuseum.
Every exhibit of this museum is well prepared and displayed. Sometimes you have very close to discover every detail. It’s wonderful.

Info Shymkent tried to show you more interesting sides of the Natural History Museum in Leipzig! We hope that you liked our article. To see artifacts of antiquity of this museum, have a look in next article – Stay tuned!

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