Info Shymkent - Fotomuseum Markleeberg near Leipzig

Photo Museum Markkleeberg

Info Shymkent visited Photo Museum Markkleeberg where you can see old photographs of Marilyn Monroe.

The Deutsche Fotomuseum (German Photo Museum) located in Agra Park, Markkleeberg near Leipzig. In this museum it’s possible to see 200 years history of Photography in form of hundred-hundred years old photographies, old photo cameras and photo copy machines.

Info shymkent visited photo museum.
The photo gallery about 200 years of Photography in German Photo Museum (Deutsches Fotomuseum) near Leipzig.
Info Shymkent made picture of photo museum.
A old german family photo – more than 100 years old!
Info Shymkent at photo museum.
Old photo of Landscape of Switzerland in the 1920ies!

In the Museum is a long floor where you can see first landscape pictures, travel photography in Switzerland and Turkey in the 1920ies. And it’s also possible to see old portrait photos of United Kindom’s Queen Victoria’s and Bavaria’s famous King Ludwig’s II. The owner of castle Neuschwanenstein.

Info Shymkent made nice pictures of museum Markkleeberg.
The last horse carriage and the first car in Germany! Photo made by Louise Hoßfeld-Ehelolf in Berlin in 1912.

One of the highlights of the museum are old photographies with Marilyn Monroe.

Info Shymkent have seen Marilyn Monroes picture.
Marilyn Monroe with her husband Arthur Miller. This picture made by Sam Shaw, New York.
Info Shymkent watched Marilyn Monroe's picture.
Marilyn Monroe’s famous photo session and famous white ivory cocktail dress from the American comedy “The Seven Year Itch”, photographer is Elliot Erwitt, New York.

It was a fantastic feeling to stand so close and to see Marilyn Monroe’s original pictures in this museum.

Info Shymkent made a photo of old photo cameras.
There are not only photos – you can watch into old photo laboratories and see old cameras.

It’s possible to see not only old photographies. You can see also old photo cameras! Info Shymkent tried to show you the best exhibits of this museum.

Info Shymkent made  pictures photo camera.
Old photo laboratory to create, copy and color photos – it’s real chemistry!

If you want to see Deutsches Fotomuseum’s old Photo cameras, then have a look in our next article! – Stay tuned!

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