Info Shymkent - Table in Yurt during Nauryz Celebrations

Happy Nauryz!

Happy Nauryz – Info Shymkent is celebrating Nauryz!

We are wishing you Happy Nauryz Celebration Day! And we are wishing happiness, good health, success, good luck, all the best of the world to our readers!

Info Shymkent - Snowdrops in the early spring days
New year is close when the first “snowbells” growing out of the ground.

What is the Nauryz Celebration?

In Central Asia this celebration is important. The word “Nauryz” means “a new day”. This is for Central Asian countries “new year celebration”. This is starting when it’s “Spring” equinox and from the ground coming first “snowbells”. It means new day is coming. This time all people preparing for the celebration and making famous “Nauryz-Kozhe”.

During the celebration people are wearing nice clothes and visiting relatives and neighbors. In modern time, in the cities making huge celebrations. It starts from the 21st of March. At Nauryz in the cities it’s possible to see Kazakh Yurts and people with national clothes.

Many countries are celebrating Nauryz such as: Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, and other 20 countries.

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