Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

The spaceport Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in state Florida of USA was opened in 1949. There are 6 launches of the rocket types Falcon 9 B5, Atlas V 501, Rocket 3 and Atlas V 541 planned or launched in the year 2022.

The next launch will be CSG-2 on a Falcon 9 B5 in Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at January 27, 11:11 pm (UTC). Godspeed!

Date (Time in UTC)RocketMissionStatus
January 13, 03:25 pmFalcon 9 B5Transporter-3Success
January 21, 07:00 pmAtlas V 501USSF-8 (GSSAP 5+6)Success
January 27, 11:11 pmFalcon 9 B5CSG-2In Progress
January 29, 06:00 pmRocket 3ELaNa 41In Progress
March 1, 09:38 pmAtlas V 541GOES-TIn Progress
August (TBD)Falcon 9 B5KPLO (Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter)In Progress