Mahia Launch Complex

The spaceport Mahia Launch Complex in Hawke's Bay region of New Zealand was opened in 2017. There are 4 launches of the rocket type Electron planned or launched in the year 2020.

What a pity. At the moment is no spaceflight in the calendar.
Date (Time in UTC)RocketMissionStatus
January 31, 02:56 amElectronNROL-151 (Birds of a Feather)Success
June 13, 04:43 amElectronELaNa 32 (Don’t Stop Me Now)Success
July 4, 09:19 pmElectronCanon & Planet Labs (Pics Or It Didn\'t Happen)Failure
August 30, 03:05 amElectronCapella 2 (I Cant Believe Its Not Optical)Success

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