Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center

The spaceport Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Xinzhou Province of China was opened in 1968. There are 7 launches of the rocket types Long March 4, Long March 6 and Long March 2 planned or launched in the year 2021.

What a pity. At the moment is no spaceflight in the calendar.
Date (Time in UTC)RocketMissionStatus
April 8, 11:01 pmLong March 4Shiyan-6 03Success
April 27, 03:20 amLong March 6Qilu-1 & Qilu-4Success
May 19, 04:03 amLong March 4HaiYang 2DSuccess
July 3, 02:51 amLong March 2Kuanfu-01B, Gaofen-03D 1+2+3, Xingshidai-10Success
July 9, 11:59 amLong March 65 x Ningxia-1 02Success
August 4, 11:01 amLong March 6KL-Beta A & BSuccess
September 7, 03:01 amLong March 4Gaofen-5 02Success