Info Shymkent - Winter decoration

Winter in Shymkent

The winter time is the darkest time of the year. But not in Shymkent!

If you walk at night through Shymkent you can find everywhere colorful winter decorations.

Info Shymkent - Bright decorations in Shymkent
Bright and colorful New Year Decorations at Russian Drama Theater in Shymkent.
Info Shymkent - Shymkent Plaza during New Year
Colorful New Year’s decorations at Shymkent Plaza Mall.
Info Shymkent - New Year Decoration at Shymkent Grand Hotel
Winter decoration of Shymkent Grand Hotel.
Info Shymkent - Winter in Shymkent
The night of Shymkent’s winter season are not dark – they are colorful and bright.
Info Shymkent - Winter decoration in a shop window in Shymkent
New Years decoration in a shop window in Shymkent, South Kazakhstan.

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