Shymkent at night

Have you seen Shymkent at night? Its colorful! Have a look on Info Shymkent‘s photo gallery.

View from plane down to Shymkent at night.
View from plane down to Shymkent during night.
Shymkent's Arbat at Night. A wonderful place to take a stroll.
This nice park was opened on 1st of December in 2018 at First President Day in Shymkent. Now very much people visiting Arbat and now it’s one of major sights of Shymkent. Here in Shymkent at night you can enjoy the street musicians’ music and the masterpieces of Shymkent’s painters.
Neon light in the Broadway restaurant at Shymkent's Arbat at night.
Nice view of Broadway in Shymkent.
Colored LEDs making Shymkent's Arbat colorful at night.
Shymkent is rich of nice decorations and especially fairy lights.
Arbat in Shymkent in a rainy night.
On a rainy day Shymkent’s Arbat is becoming even more colorful.
Even at late night it’s possible to find a nice restaurant in South Kazakhstans Metropolis.
Enjoy the meal – fresh french fries with tomato sauce.
Or you want to eat a nice meat salad with rices? It’s just delicious.