Info Shymkent - Domalak Ana Mauoleum

Domalak Ana – a wise kazakh woman

Info Shymkent went to the Domalak Ana Mausoleum to learn more about this famous wise woman.

The Mausoleum of Domalak Ana is just an hour away from Shymkent. We took a car in sommer and went north close to the village Boralday to visit the last place of Domalak Ana on the southern slope of the Karatau Mountains, close to the river Balabogen.

But who was Domalak Ana? Her real name was Nurila Ali Sylankyzy. She lived in the 10th century and was popularly known as “Domalak Ana”. known as the “Domalak Ana” – that means “Chubby Mother”. But there is a version the origin is in the persian words “Dihnat Ana” and means “Sacred Mother”. Nurila was Kazakhstan’s wise man Baidibek’s third wife. She saved her husband’s life and was known for her kindness, honesty, prudence and maternal qualities. This qualities fits well to the translation “Sacred Mother”.

Info Shymkent - Domalak Ana Mausoleum
The new Mausoleum of the “Sacred Mother” built in 1996.

Her last will was that her descendants put her body on a white camel and they have to send the camel into the steppe. They have to bury her where the white camel will stop. The camel stopped on the place at today’s Mausoleum.

Her grand-grandson Dulat ordered the famous architect Abdullah Sheri from Bukhara to build a mausoleum on her grave. The four wall mausoleum with small domes on the roof was finished in 1456. It was restored several times later.

Info Shymkent - The two minarets of the Mausoleum.
The white and golden Minarets of Domalak Ana Mauoleum.

The mausoleum was removed at the beginning of the 20th century and a new mausoleum was built with six niches and a big dome on the main structure. It was restored in 1957 again.

The people of South Kazakhstan decided to built a new mausoleum for her wise mother and patron in 1996 and removed the old mausoleum. The masonry was made of fine white stones delivered from the Mangystau area. The height of the golden and white minarets are around 12 meters and a eight-cupola dome is on the roof of the building.

Legends tell that in the original mausoleum were two sacred stones. Only a clean and white soul could walk through this two stones. It’s a pity that they are not remained over the long time. It would be great to had a look on this stones but the inside of the current Mausoleum is also very colorful, fresh and beautiful.

Info Shymkent - Inside of the Mausoleum
Looking up inside of the Domalak Ana Mauoleum.

When you walk around the Mausoleum you can have a wonderful view over the steppe and the Karatau Mountains in the far distance.

After we had a look inside of the Mausoleum we relaxed and eat lunch in the beautiful park around the Domalak Ana Mausoleum. It was finished in 2000. The park has very much roses and big trees who gave us cold and fresh shade and protection of the hot sun of South Kazakhstan.

Info Shymkent - Domalak Ana Mauoleum
Looking to the Karatau Mountains.

We learned much about our “Sacred Mother” Domalak Ana, today. We can recommend a visit of the Mausoleum. It’s easy to connect a visit with a trip to the Akmechit Cave.

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