Info Shymkent - Starlink in a starry night

Starlink over Shymkent

You want to see a necklace of moving stars? Watch to the Starlink satellites after sunset on the Sky.

Maybe someone of you watched at the starry night to the Sky over Shymkent. After a hour after sunset you can see currently some UFOs (unidentified flying objects) at the night. Over 30-60 moving light dots crossing the night sky and it looks like a necklace with white pearls.

These white moving stars are satellites of the american inventor and investor Elon Musk and it’s space company SpaceX. He want to build a satellite constellation of 12,000 satellites to provide broadband internet in every corner of the world.

So SpaceX tries to launch 60 satellites every month to get the network operationally at the end of 2020.

This opens the opportunity that also every Kazakh – in the steppe or in the city – can have stable internet access to read Info Shymkent, watching Instagram and YouTube.

These visible satellites are only satellites which are on their way to their final position. They will be not visible after they reached their final parking slot.

So lets have a look this evening and enjoy this necklace on the sky:

Watch to the South-west at 7pm. You will see two big “stars”. These are the Venus and Mercury. In the next minutes beween 7:01 till 7:10 pm multiple small light dots will pass the Venus. These are the starlink satellites!

The star map shows the flight track of the starlink satellites tonight:

Info Shymkent - Track of the Starlink satellites
The flight track of the Starlink satellites on the 4th February at 7:00-7:10pm over Shymkent. (Date generated by

More informations about SpaceX Starlink Constellation: