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Interview with music star Fefe Blanco

Info Shymkent had a great luck to make a nice interview with the talented Nigerian musician and entrepreneur Fefe Blanco.

Efemena Olori Tracy – best known as Fefe Blanco – is a fast rising star in the music world. Her music already catches thousands people’s heart around the world. We had a great luck to make an interview with her.

Info Shymkent: How are you, Fefe? 

Fefe Blanco: I am very well, thank you. 

Info Shymkent: Where are you now? Are you on tour or in vacation? 

Fefe Blanco: Hahaha! I wish I was either on tour or vacation right now. Well, In the wake of the global pandemic that has hit the world, I am at home in Lagos, Nigeria, observing the ‘sit at home’ regulation put in place by the Nigerian government in its effort to curb the spread of Covid-19, in Lagos, and Nigeria. 

Info Shymkent: How you became singer? 

Fefe Blanco: This is an interesting question. I am used to people asking ‘how long have you been singing’. Thank you for asking. 

So I have always loved music from a tender age. It made me feel calm and happy each time I heard music. As a child, I will perform in front of a mirror with a hair comb in my hand as improvised microphone. However, my parents wanted me to become a lawyer. I did study law, but kept on doing music on the side as a hobby throughout my undergraduate days. I went on to graduate from the Faculty of Law, at the prestigious Benson Idahosa University Benin City, Edo State. Nigeria, and proceeded to Law School (a one year, professional accreditation, for my licence to practice law).

After a life changing moment Fefe Blanco released her first single AURA.

Sadly, one week to my final bar exams, I was riding with my friend in her new car, and we had a terrible accident which took her life and left me seriously injured. It dawned on me that I could have died without sharing my gift of music to the world, and also without truly pursuing my life goal, which I believe is to make people happy through my music. I wrote a lot of songs in my recovery months at the hospital. Music kept me going through this difficult time.

As soon as I was well enough and discharged, I started recording the songs I had written at the hospital, and in 2013, I released my first single AURA. This marked the beginning of my professional music career. 

Info Shymkent: Can you describe a little about your daily work? 

Fefe Blanco: Everyday is different, depending on my schedule. My work activity normally includes ; frequent meetings with my team, photo shoots, modelling, music recording sessions, song writing, music performances, exercise sessions, voice training sessions, band rehearsals, dance sessions, meetings and marketing for brands I represent as an ambassador, charity outreach( focused on aid for accident victims at the moment) etc. It just depends on what is on my schedule for the day. 

Info Shymkent: What’s your current (music) project? 

Fefe Blanco: Thank you for asking. I released a body of work on the 6th of March, 2020. It is a six tracks E.P titled “UNCOMMON”. It is available on all digital music stores. 

“Choco” is the lead track of her newest E.P. “UNCOMMON”

Info Shymkent: Are you making concerts? Do you have a plan to make concerts outside of your country – for example in Kazakhstan? 

Fefe Blanco: Oh Yes, I am open to have concerts. I see concerts as an exciting opportunity to connect with people who support and love my music on a closer level, and grow my community. I am not planning any concerts at the moment in Kazakhstan, but I am very much open to the possibility of this soon. Hopefully show promoters and organisers are reading this. Lol 

Info Shymkent: Is corona virus interrupting your work? 

Fefe Blanco: Yes it is, to a large extent, but I am grateful for life. I was on a radio/television tour for my new EP uncommon when the pandemic broke in Lagos, Nigeria, and I had to cancel my tour. However, my music is already released and available for people to listen to on all digital music stores, and I am using this period to connect more with my online community, to support them as best I can, through running competitions that they can win prizes from.

My prayer for everyone reading this is that, we all pull through this pandemic and come out stronger, more energized, with a better disposition to our personal hygiene, as well as plant and animal life around us.

Fefe Blanco with music clip “Baby Bad” on YouTube.

Info Shymkent: Thank you very much for the nice interview, Fefe! We appreciated it very much. And we wish you great luck and success for your projects and that your prayers coming true. Stay safe and healty! It would be great to see you Live on Stage in Kazakhstan.

We hope that we will meet you again!

P.S.: You can listen to Fefe Blanco’s Music on Spotify and YouTube: