Info Shymkent - Musician Gregory Porter from Ohio

Multi-talent and Musician Gregory Porter

Gregory Porter from USA is writing poems, songs, child books, creating music and restoring crazy home items – and had also time for us for an interview.

Info Shymkent: Hello Gregory. How are you? Where are you now?

Gregory: I am well, happy & prosperous. I live in a suburb of Columbus, in the state Ohio, USA.

Info Shymkent: Can you introduce yourself a little bit?

Gregory: I am Gregory L. Porter, not the famous Jazz Singer Gregory Porter who you may know by the same name. I believe I am older than him by several years, so I had the name first. I was born in Dayton; Ohio, USA and I am the founder of Angelwealth Inc. I am a retired construction worker, I have been a real estate investor, and I am currently a marketing entrepreneur, microfinancier, singer/songwriter, and author of children’s books.

Info Shymkent: How did you become a musician? Was it your childhood dream? And who inspired you?

Gregory: I have always listened to and loved music. Growing up in Dayton, Ohio I was surrounded by members of the funk band era in the ’70s. I grew up and went to school with band members from the Ohio Players, Lakeside, Slave, Faze-o & Sun. So, making music and bands was something that everyone in the neighborhood was doing. I think it was just about every Dayton kid’s childhood dream in that era. My inspirations were, of course, the Dayton area bands along with Earth, Wind & Fire, LTD, The Commodores, The Isley Brothers, Chicago, Steely Dan along with numerous others.

Info Shymkent: Can you describe your daily work? Is Covid-19 interrupting your work?

Gregory: Well, Covid-19 has slowed me down a bit. I am not visiting friends and family as much as I did before the pandemic, but it does give me a lot of time to write new music and collaborate with other artists via the internet.
So I will have some new music coming soon.

Gregory Potter aka AngelWealth’s Whatcha Doing To Me Girl on YouTube

Info Shymkent: Can you tell me about your music Whatcha Doing To Me Girl? And what was the reaction of the audience when you published it?

Gregory: Whatcha Doing To Me Girl is a song about that guy that is admiring a beautiful girl, but is often afraid or too shy to approach her. I think this happens to every young man at some point in his life, whether they want to admit it or not. I think it’s just part of growing up. I like to write songs that have a narrative to them. I guess this is a natural progression from writing poetry and authoring books. The reaction to the song Whatcha Doing To Me Girl was positive and I was pleased with the finished product, so I am glad I was able to create something that others can enjoy for years to come.

Info Shymkent: Which music style do you like?

Gregory: I don’t care too much about putting music into categories. I like all kinds of good music from Country to R&B and from Trap to Classical. I like music that captivates and transports the listener into the story of the music.
I love rhythms that evoke a feeling in the listener.

Info Shymkent: Do you make concerts?

Gregory: I am not currently booking any concerts at this time, especially during this pandemic phase. Maybe when this pandemic blows over, I will look at some concert opportunities.

Info Shymkent: What are you doing after a hard-working day? Do you have a hobby?

Gregory: I look at everything I do these days as a hobby, even music, authoring books, and writing poetry. But I also love to restore vintage lamps.

Info Shymkent - Gregory Porter is restoring lamps in his freetime
Gregory Porter is restoring old vintage lamps in his freetime (Image: G. Porter)

Info Shymkent: Do you have a dream? What are you dreaming about?

Gregory: Of course, I dream about creating something, whether it be a poem, song, or story that will be enjoyed worldwide for centuries to come. I dream about how future generations will feel and react when they discover my work and what impression it will make

Info Shymkent: What’s the plan you have for the future?

Gregory: To continue creating, whether writing, singing, or working with my hands, I love creating. Hopefully, I will bring a little something to this world that others can enjoy too. I think that would be the greatest
testament to my legacy.

Info Shymkent: That’s a great goal. Thank you very much for your time to make this interview possible. We wish good luck and success for your next projects, Gregory.

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