Info Shymkent - Above Akmechet Cave near Shymkent in Kazakhstan

Above the Akmechet cave

Above the cave Akmechet. Akmechet Cave is a natural cave located just 80 kilometers from Shymkent.

According to legend, during the Dzungarian-Kalmatian invasion, Kazakh rurals fled from enemies and hid in this cave. And another legend says that the Kazakh warriors used this cave as a mosque during the battle between the Kazakhs and the Dzungar-Kalmaks.

Maybe that’s why the cave is called Akmechet – Kazakh Ak means White and Kazakh Mechet means Mosque White Mosque.

Now the days are getting warmer and warmer. On summer days in the Turkestan region it will be warm from +35°C up to +45°C or even higher.

Akmechet Cave is one of the best places to visit in summer in Turkestan region because the volume of the cave is large and there is a small mulberry tree forest inside, which helps to keep the cave cool during hot summer days.

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