Info Shymkent - Yuri Gagarin monument at Barskoon Waterfalls in Kyrgyzstan

Gagarin at Barskoon valley

Why were two monuments to Yuri Gagarin erected in the Barskoon Valley in Kyrgyzstan?

The Photo of the Day shows the large Yuri Gagarin monument in the Barskoon Valley near the famous waterfalls of the same name in Kyrgyzstan. It is one of two memorials on this site. But why are there these monuments in this remote place? The reason is simple: after his famous flight into space, Gagarin went to a sanatorium near Lake Issyk-Kul to relax. During this time he undertook, among other things, some hikes to the Barskoon Falls. The locals erected these monuments to commemorate the visit of this famous visitor.

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