Jiuquan Space Launch Center

The spaceport Jiuquan Space Launch Center in Gansu Province of China was opened in 1958. There are 10 launches of the rocket types Long March 4, Long March 11, Long March 2, Hyperbola-1 and Kuaizhou 1A planned or launched in the year 2022.

What a pity. At the moment is no spaceflight in the calendar.
Date (Time in UTC)RocketMissionStatus
January 25, 11:44 pmLong March 4Ludi Tance-1 01ASuccess
February 26, 11:44 pmLong March 4Ludi Tance-1 01BSuccess
March 17, 07:09 amLong March 4YG-34-02Success
March 30, 02:29 amLong March 11Tianping-2A+B+CSuccess
April 6, 11:47 pmLong March 4Gaofen 3-03Success
April 29, 12:11 amLong March 2Siwei 01+02Success
May 13, 07:09 amHyperbola-1Jilin-1 Mofang-01AFailure
May 20, 10:30 amLong March 23 Communication test satellitesSuccess
June 5, 02:44 amLong March 2Shenzhou 14Success
June 22, 02:08 amKuaizhou 1ATianxing-1Success