Info Shymkent - Kaindy Waterfall - Sairam Ugam Nationalpark

Walk to Waterfall Kaindy

Discover the stunning feature of the National Park Sairamsu – the Kaindy Waterfall.

Its worth to visit this natural wonder in a one-day trip. The waterfall is is located around 60 km away from Shymkent in the western Tian Shan Mountains close to the Uzbekistan border.

Info Shymkent - Waterfall Kaindy
We went from Shymkent to the Sairam-Ugam Nationalpark by Minibus. We walked within a group of around 20 persons.
Close to the  Waterfall Kaindy.
I recognized, that when you are going to go to National Park with group, it is less expensive. It was just 4500 KZT per Person (around 10 Euro / 11 US-Dollar).
We’ve never been in this National park before. When we have seen it with our own eyes, we were surprised again, that Kazakhstan have so much nice and fantastic nature 🙂
View up to the Waterfall Kaindy.
The walk from parking place to the Kaindy Waterfall is around 20km (there and back).
When we made hiking tour there, we seen very much horse’s herd – and also cow’s herd. And the guide told us that’s also possible to see Brown Bears in the Sairam Ugam National Park.
It was so great to went to the Kaindy Waterfall. We are happy thad we had chance to see the the amazing waterfall by our own eyes.

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