Info Shymkent - Covid-19 Health Tips

Covid-19 Health Tips

Covid-19 arrived the city Shymkent today. Info Shymkent will give you some helpful health tips.

Covid-19 Health tips to protect you from infection:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water over a duration of 10 seconds.
  2. Avoid groups over 10 people. Don’t go to parties, concerts or other celebrations. Avoid places with very much people. There are every time other ways to go home or to walk to avoid people.
  3. Keep distance over 1.5m to other people.
  4. Avoid to pay with coins and cash. Use pay apps or credit cards.
  5. Help elderly people with daily things they need. They are the social group who is most in danger to get in contact with Covid-19. Help them that they can stay at home but don’t shake hands or bring your kids to them.
  6. If possible – stay also at home. If mobile work or home work is possible: Do it! Ask you boss! If home work is not possible – keep distance to colleges and customers. Wash your hands often and wear mask.
  7. Avoid to use public transport. Walk, use your own car or go by bike. Shymkent Bike is also a option, but clean the handle grips by wet napkins before you take a ride!
  8. Eat healthy food. Drink and eat things with much vitamins. Wash fruits and vegetables from the market with very hot water over 10 seconds before eating.

I hope this Covid-19 health tips keep you save. Stay strong and healthy. Corona virus will go away and better days will come.

More information’s from WHO (World Health Organisation):