Info Shymkent - Interview with local guide Islam Kalani from Shymkent

Interview with Guide Islam Kalani from Shymkent

Historian Islam Kalani is a popular local guide from Shymkent. He shows international tourists the beauty of Turkestan region. We talked with him.

The 58 years old professional tour guide Islam Kalani was born in Shymkent, studied history teacher in Karaganda and came back to his home town to become a tour guide. He has now over 15 years experience in the tourism business. Info Shymkent talked with him about his work and the most beautiful places of Shymkent and South Kazakhstan.

Info Shymkent: Hi Islam, how are you?

Islam: I am fine. I am answering on your questions!

Info Shymkent: You’ve made a recent trip to the mystic city Akyrtas. How was it?

Info Shymkent - Guide Islam Kalani visited mystic palace Akyrtas near Taraz
The ruins of ancient palace Akyrtas with it’s red stones (Image: I. Kalani)

Islam: My trip to the ancient palace Akyrtas near Taraz was wonderful! It was magic and very informative!

Info Shymkent: How do you became professional guide?

Islam: I am historian by education and I worked as a teacher and sales manager – but later I became guide because I like this profession and communication with interesting people.

Info Shymkent - Guide Islam Kalani with international tourists in Shymkent
Guide Islam Kalani with international tourists in Shymkent (Image: Islam Kalani)

Info Shymkent: You show very much international tourists Kazakhstan. Which stereotypes tourists have about Kazakhstan?

Islam: Mostly tourists from other countries didn’t know very much about Kazakhstan. They learn more about the country only here by visiting and discovering the country.

Info Shymkent: What is your favorite Kazakh meal?

Islam: My favorite meal is pilaw rice!

Info Shymkent: What are you doing after a long hard tourism trip? Which books do you like to read?

Islam: I am prefer to read historical sources! My favorite book is The Travels of Ibn Battuta.

Info Shymkent: Can you describe Shymkent in three words?

Islam: Shymkent is life, positive energy and joy from the local life.

Info Shymkent: What places would you recommend for the guests of Shymkent?

Islam: The Citadel of ancient city is best place in Shymkent including upper reaches of the spring river Koshkar Ata.

Info Shymkent: What are you loved destinations outside of Shymkent?

Islam: The best destinations outside of Shymkent are Western Tian Shan and Karatau mountains!

Info Shymkent: What is your advise to the youth about the heritage of South Kazkahstan?

Islam: Just read and investigate the heritage of Turkestan region.

Info Shymkent: Thank you very much for your time to chat with you, Islam. We wish you success and many tourists from Kazakhstan and around the world as customers – that you have the opportunity to show them the beauty of Shymkent and South Kazakhstan.

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