Info Shymkent - Uzbekali Dzhanibekov - a heart for preservation

Uzbekali Dzhanibekov – a heart for preservation

A statue in Shymkent’s central park commemorates Kazakh ethnographer Uzbekali Dzhanibekov – a great advocate for preserving Kazakh heritage.

The statue in Shymkent’s Central Park is displaying the Kazakh ethnographer Uzbekali Dzhanibekov very well. His heart was beating to preserve & and restore the Kazakh culture heritage. So he initiated and supported the preservation and restoration of very much historical sites around the city of Shymkent such as the mausoleums of Khoja Ahmed Yassawi, Arystan-Bab & Aisha Bibi and ancient city Otrartobe.

A mausoleum for him was built close to the Arystan-Bab mausoleum near Otrar to full-fill his last will.

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